Vita Liberata Smoother Everyday - Anti Cellulite Treatment

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Vita Liberata Smoother Everyday - Anti Cellulite Treatment

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Vita Liberata Smoother Everyday - Anti Cellulite Treatment

Offers smoother, firmer, more toned looking skin by fighting cellulite at its deepest layers using Lecithin, Caffeine and Carnitine to repair damage caused by a build-up of the toxins and fluid that create dimpled skin. Green Tea, Ivy and Butchersbroom improve circulation while GHK Tripeptide breaks down toxins so they can be flushed naturally from the body.

Is this product for you?

Minimises dimpling for smoother skin in just two weeks.

Contains a complex blend of tan enhancing extracts specially formulated by Vita Liberata to ensure that you can use your regular tan with confidence during the treatment period

  • Non-toxic and Organic
  • 100% free from parabens, perfume and alcohol
  • 80% organic extracts that are kind to skin and produce a natural fade (eventually!)

Exfoliate the skin prior application. Use approximately 15 pumps per limb and apply to problems areas in the morning and at night. Rub vigorously into the skin.

Full instructions are enclosed in the box.

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