What is Effaclar SPOTSCAN?


A skin analyser powered by artificial intelligence and developed with Dermatologists for blemish-prone skin, SPOTSCAN analyses your skin and recommends a personalised skincare routine based on your scan.

The free service analyses your selfies to determine your level of spots from 0 to 4+ and not only gives product recommendations but also tips.

1. Take Your Selfie

- For best results ensure you have great lighting

-Now take three photos to start your scan

2. Track Your Results

- Developed with dermatologists, SPOTSCAN will analyse your selfies and count your spots and marks

- The Skin Diary uses cookies to allow you to track your results over time. This information will go once you clear your cache

- Please screenshot your results to keep them on your mobile phone

3. Discover Your Personalised Routine

- For clearer skin in four weeks* discover your Effaclar regime