Visionace Capsules
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Visionace Capsules

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Omega-3 fatty acids are a special class of polyunsaturated fatty acids whichmonly found in plant seed oils, nut oils and oily fish such as sardines and salmon. A large number of scientific studies worldwide have highlighted the multiple benefits of dietary omega-3 fatty acids in areas as diverse as heart, brain, and normal vision. The two most researched omega-3 fatty acids are docosahexaenoic acid (dha) and eicosapentaenoic acid (epa). Dha contributes to the maintenance of normal vision1. Omega-3 fatty acids play an important structural and functional role in the retina, the part of the eye that detects light. Dha isponent of photoreceptor cells which are responsible for converting light into nerve signals. Photoreceptors contain the highest concentration of dha of any cell in the body, with dha accounting for over 50% of the total fatty acid content2 3. Adequate levels of dha must be maintained for the retina to continue to function properly and to maintain normal vision)4 5. The retinal cells are continually being renewed, so a constant supply of omega-3 fatty acids and in particular dha is required6 7. Since these cannot be made by the body a lack of these in the diet can have a direct effect on levels in the retina8. Fortunately increasing dietary intake can help to restore retinal omega-3 levels9. Omega-3 fatty acids are now being recognised as being essential for normal eye health from before birth continuing into old age10. Protection of cells the macular is the central area of the retina, and contains the highest density of photoreceptors. The retinal cells of the macular are particularly vulnerable to the effects of uv rays in sunlight which can result in cellular damage11 12. Because of this, sunglasses with a high eye-sun protection factor (e-spf) are alwaysmended to reduce the exposure of the eye to excessive light and harmful uv rays.

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